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Four Circles

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How it works
This event consists of many rounds, each round having up to 10 players participating.
The hosting GM will have 4 big circles spawned.
The GM will hide in one of the four circles, after the GM has hidden a 15 second timer will start for the players to pick a circle.
Once the 15 second timer is over the GM will AOE/kill everyone in the same circle as the GM.
Repeated until 1 player left standing or none at all.

Important Info
Players out of the circles when the timer is over will also be 1 shot.
There is no participation reward, players can participate again if they die.
You can win only once per character.
Every round is recorded for proof.
Revelation potions don't work on GM stealth.
Make sure your effects are turned to maximum in order to see the circles.

No using potions or skills to avoid the AOE
No moving until the GM says GO!
No pking other participating players.
Participating characters must be level 150.
Constantly breaking the rules stated above will result in the DISQUALIFICATION of the player.
Most important rule; have fun!

Winner Reward

120 Epic Coins
2 Event Tokens
120 Supply Tokens
4 Perfect Elements

Survivalist Title

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Added two new rules regarding character levels and rule breaking
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