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ok outside of the god knows how many versions of pw there is what do you guys like to do?
looking for good suggestions on movies and stuff.

Silent Hill 1 and 2
RE series
Forza 2 3 4 and H

in example. :)

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I like long walks on the beach mostly, except I live in a desert... so there aren't any beaches. There are sand washes, but it just isn't the same, lack of beachness and all. Being without beaches despite my love for walking on them has become the bane of my existence really, so I play EPW to forgot about such troubles.

For movies though, try Cujo.

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Hmm, I mostly do stuff around the house, do exercise, I go out if I feel like it (which Im mostly lazy about it ._. ) atm Im also looking for a job, umm, I visit my dad o.o watch anime when I can, I love to draw, to sing... etc x_x
KingCobra guides to dph and aps assasin. pay attention to the veri simple steps.
Aps assasin
1-donate ur house and live in a box to get 0.15 wrist on rank 8
2-get a genie with absolute domain,holy path,and 1 lv wind shield for 5 aps.
3-get shitload of wood pills and go ***ing pk

Dph assasin

1-Buy Rank 8 and pray allah for gof daggers and crit/dex on gear
2-Pray Allah for zerk+ crits and use earth rift like retarded  (Pray require minium of 6 hours a day for max gof proc)
...IF none of that work delete epic>go play Hello Kitty :normal-1:


I only play epw , epw is my life nothing more nothing less, I'm always on and I hit 150 within a single day of making my main. Epw is my life.     
Nuff said