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Character cosplay. - if its aloud-

Offline AKESO

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I wanna cosplay my character kind like my oc. But i kinda suck at that sort of thing so yeah.......So i am asking help to the people of the forums . :3

Make the character to look most like my oc and screen shot it i guess ? Try to avoid using any altering that might involve making a complete dif character. Best may get a prize i cannot promise anything considering i am going through some money troubles. :3

Now my oc does have a hoodie and currently epw does not have any hoodies of sort so just use the pink summer shirt. :3 Or something. ^^

Find some refs here http://fletathesheep.deviantart.com/favourites/52940932
And also the fallowing. :3


Offline djdirty_713

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very good idea and cute pics :)

if your a veno the bunny ears make total sense.
I do want to make a veno. :o