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im going to r8 one of my 3 favorite classes but idk wich one bc i like ea sin and wiz and can only afford one

please state why for each class below pros cons thank you

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EA - Can hierobug AA classes with two crits if atk level bow
Wizard - GG 1 shot if you are low enough to use spark (which 99% here is), also faster casting
Sin - ridiculous aps with high chance for intervals, but 2-3 shot for most of the classes

Elly - 150 Sage venomancer
Decipher - 150 Demon mystic

[22:32:11] Chad: the name rev
[22:32:13] Chad: is foul language

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This is quite typical..
if you have little coins why have you been fighting 2x event that strongly? Were you afraid that others who work harder would be able to afford more? A typical victim mentality.