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can't log into the game.

Offline empoleon7259

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i cant log in to the game for the past few days. i've tried to log into the epica1, 2 and 3 servers but it says unable to log in. Please help. :<

Offline Kyan

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plz patch the game and chose one of the servers that are online
Ty to lucy that made my awsome Siggy and avvy
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It should be working now.

As a fellow player with a bit of experience in disconnection, lag, and subjects such as this. The best i can recommend as of this point is opening the patcher and clicking "Verify" This should sift through for files being sure that everything you have is in order.
I can also recommend that your server list be checked
I haven;t as to a clue where that is, i knew , but currently have forgotten. So yeah, go through the forums and look around.
And if that doesn't work i may suggest being sure your account isn't banned, or if your internet connection is stable.

If i missed something im sure someone else will point it out, GL