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about 6 mins of my life wasted....
#Retired #BusyWithThatDadLyf

about 6 mins of my life wasted....

well im not going to say im sorry for waisting ur time. lol

its sad that some people cant enjoy (so stupid its funny videos)"Worst Video ever"
im glad i dont feel like i wasted my time doin nothing for 6 mins lol
If you didnt even Smile/Laugh once during that video seem;s to me ur having a bad day.
But seriously come on. not my fault u clicked on it. and decided to
"Waste a few seconds of the Time in LifeLine"
(Having a bad day?) its healthy to laugh, sorry but i just had to comment this.

I hope your having a better day now then you where earlier...
<3  :-\  :-X ???  :rolleyes: