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Patch 12

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1. Santa Claus has come to the Epic Perfect World:

He can be found in West Archosaur. He will reward you with a special gift every day till the end of a year!
Gift contains one of many valuable items, from Epic Coins, God Stones to even Demonic Equipment and Rare Flights!
To receive reward player have to be at least level 130 and have done his cultivation quest.

2. New rancor events has been added:

0 - 0.30
Camp of the Intrepid Rancor

2.00 - 2.30
Tusk Town Rancor

4.00 - 4.30
Sumor Camp Rancor

12.00 - 12.30
Sirry Wine Camp Rancor

14.00 - 14.30
Town of Arrivals Rancor

17.00 - 17.30
Thousand Streams Rancor

Player will receive quest automatically once teleported to the attacked location.  (except Thousan Streams where to get quest player must speak to the Elder)  After killing the wraiths quest will auto complete and player will obtain 1 Epic Coin. Each rancor event can be completed only once a day.
Please note that using Multi Client on events is forbidden (except Archosaur Assault).

3. The amount of XP, Spirit and Gold from Quests has been increased:
x2 - for quests on level 110 and 120 monsters
x3 - for quests on level 130 monsters
x4 - for quests on level 140 monsters

4. Removed doors from FBs 99 and now all bosses will spawn once entered to the location, which means that player no longer will have to kill the guards to spawn the boss.

5. Added missing mastery skill books:

Axe and Hammer Mastery (for Barbarian):
Dewdrop Long Ear
Snaj, Golden Dodonix

Blade and Sword Mastery:
Vaccuous Perdition
Stubborn Cenequus

Polearm Mastery:
Waning Moon
Gaunob Occultist

Fist Weapon Mastery:
Violetmist Opiate
Calas of the Ecplise
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nice patch just one question, when you say must have done culti do u mean all 3 fairies?

Offline Agatio

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no, only one
but I assume that if required  level is 130, everyone have it :P

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:P just wanted to clarify was all cos its a little late at night to be starting 3rd fairy lol