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Give a Thanks to Agatio fow Fixing the Server

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Tnx Agatio for Fixing the Game...we all love you...<3^_^


Thanks Aga <3 I love u :3

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It's too soon to say anything, HOWEVER if you encounter DC you should be able to switch to other Epica-x (login mirror) that is online

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Thank you Agatio, even we get DC it is ok :)
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Thank you, Agatio, for completely ignoring the message I sent you. But, after all, that rule was made because you want to shove such problems under the carpet. Also good job for fixing server in only two weeks.

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Thank you Agatio for working so hard to get things back to normal.

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Excellent work Agatio and EPW staff! (im new here so im not yet familiar with most of you).
Great job everyone! :normal-25:
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Yep. Too soon.. Servers are down again. D:
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