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Come sing with me on Vent<3~~Stella

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  • Lovin u is Red
IM BORED GOGOGOGOGOOGO ill put on a concert "_"

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  • yes its happening


Already on vent, nein mic but....... -Plugs earbuds in-

Mama approves

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  • body's gone..
  • dust's still here.
Meh I'll sing with you all when I'll decide to get a new headset  :-X
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Did I miss the concert?
I'm basically 40

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Did I miss the concert?
Yup. I sang and everything.
She doesn't even go here.

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for anyone who wants to use vent, RC etc and dont have a mic, here is a quick lil trick you can use if you have earbuds .....just plug earbuds into the mic input  and speak like it is a mic , this of corse means you have to use speakers to hear what is being said..but there goes that old "Id love to talk, but dont have a mic"excuse. Hope this helps :3
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  • Yikes.
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Well. That was short. qq