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No giant bunny ? D:

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Yeah i been looking for the giant bunny all over the place on epw its like my all time fav pet ever and if we don't have it should be added. o-o

Its a giant cuddly bunny. ; 3;


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i'm pretty sure it's available from the normal pet npc's ..... don't really remember, but something at the back of my mind telling me, i saw it there when i first started playing on this server..  o.o ... but, dn't really feel like getting ingame atm to check x.x
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I think it wasn't added because it could influence PK too much =/

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Yes that giant bunny. ; -;

And *** people who use my fav pet as a pk tool and now it doesint get to be im. :c
*** i hate some people they ruin everything for everyone.

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Well I like it in some point cuz he's cute.
But other, I hate cuz he's toooooooooooooo bigger.. xD Maybe if it was a lil smaller i would enjoy ^_^
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I love the bunny i would lay on him and cuddling him if i could. ; -; But really its my all time fav pet. D: