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Today I was running my antivirus scanner, trendmicro, and it picked up a Trojan in one of the exe files and I always thought EPW was a pretty trusted game...It was clean last time I scanned it but there was an update yesterday maybe it cud have got in then? If anyone else has this problem please let me no :) thanks!
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they acuse it as Trojan but it isnt  :-\
they assume it is cuz its an edited .exe file, nothing weird on that, many of those programs pevent games to run.


It's a false positive; I use the free version of Avast! (no need to add to exception list), and the a/v doesn't report anything as a virus/trojan. :) If you can, put the WHOLE folder into your exceptions list :D

It is 100% SAFE.

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Happens to me to, and I use Pandacloud Antivirus.

Just make sure it's marked as a safe file, or else your antivirus will keep deleting it no matter how many times you download it etc.