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GM Appreciation day should be made .___.
Well, today should be it since they all sleeping ;3
Write down his or her name,write a comment or advice,tell them how much you love them
For what they have done<3 Look Below.
The name of the GM :
Write a meaningfull comment/advice :
Tell them something from the heart <3
Good Luck!(:
Ravensss yoo -___-t

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Agatio, over the time I've played on this sever I've had a lot of fun. And it seems each time I had an issue or problem (though they be few) you were able to fix them within a few days. I appreciate the help you've provided me personally and this great server you've created.

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Caeley  helped my sometimes in TT also helpfull whit an problem whit AH

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Ninjas.  Because tits.   Nah, because he wasn't a douchebag. (Not implying that our current team is.)


WatchTower .... idk  maybe for no reason xD

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:normal-2: :normal-2: :normal-2: :normal-2:Thanks for making me laugh :))
Bro don't be a hater d: wanna troll go on ahead, if not comment or don't comment at all ^.^
& GM's don't feed in into this bs, just delete there comment etc or ban them (: face it , it will continue.
Ravensss yoo -___-t

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Agatio and Coffee, for lettin us hit their resist armor on West (don't know if they still do)
Agatio for teleporting me in GV when i was DC'ed :), and for having a nice server set up almost all by himself :)
Ninja, for helping me with a bug i had :)

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Caeley for making cool events thanks for the fun times

We're nothing like God. Not only do we have limited powers, but sometimes we're driven to become the devil himself.

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Haven't talked to any of them yet SO NONE! HAHAH BWAHAHAH MUWAHAH... -o- ahemmmm
is a beautiful
semi-planet filled with
beautiful creatures
and ruled by wise Pandas!
its a HAPPY HAPPY place

<Hemo> | <Blackeye>
<HemoThePanda> | <Kasier>

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ALL of them :3 cause their just osm.

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I'd like to thank all GMs and a lot of members in game for being positive at also at times negative. It's a sweet environment to just jam in, and the negativity adds a perspective and sort of dose of reality. This may be the internet but we display our real selves here at times, it's nice to see some people can be considerate and kind, or mean and.. real. That dynamic makes it that much more interesting to play alongside the people you've grown to  love/hate/whatever. It's a haven for some people, I know that much. Thanks for the server, and the community. It's not false and fake, not gloomy and depressing, the mixture is a special recipe even colonel Sanders would bow to


Neith, 'cause I love you bby. D:

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Best GM  NoOne


xD i change my mind Caeley for ever "i just met her and this is crazy she oneshot me and i gone crazy "

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  • aim so cute in sandness aim so veri stronger man
i loves all GMs in this game becouze they have given me the chance to enjoy PW once again after being permabanned in PWI.
i just no like Caeley cuz he always warns me when i spam wc on my native language and no wanna come to my wedding.
beauty is in the eye of beerholder