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WTT Lvl 50 seeker account on PWi for demonic tokens here!

Offline unnimeni

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I wanna trade my lvl 50 seeker on Archosaur server(PWI) for demonic tokens here
my seeker has 1.5 mil in bank, badass armor/wepon that you don't need to change until lvl 70 , lots of 1star orbs and 5 star ones. Also i have fully upgraded skills , you will never been defeated by players under lvl 75 ( just kicked ass of a lvl 73 sin).
1700 rep and 25.9% exp.
Character comes with 2 genies zeal(lvl 40 41/50lp) and a infliction(weaker but 9999999999 stamina).

i w8 offers!

Offline Nana

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Don't get me wrong now, I don't want to trade.
I'm just wondering how do you (or anyone who is trading accounts actually) plans on making this transaction as it's fairly easy, for both sides, to scam the other one.

Offline Areashi'

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I don't think...you can do that...
Officially quit: 21/02/13.
:/. Only coming back for tw.