Epic Perfect World

S> Lots of Demon Stuff.[EC only]


Demonic Daggers
Demonic Light Armor
Demonic Light Boots
Demonic Light Head
Demonic Light Legs
Demonic Light Wrists
Third Demonic Fairy
HurricaneI think from Rare mount token[Not sure]
Nirvy Daggers

Please place your offers. ^^
If you wish to bid against one another you may do so, highest bid at the end wins.
If bidding Bids must start at 95 EC[Demon armor]
And daggers Will start at 100 EC

If you do not wish to bid, offer to buy in one go.

[Thread will be updated every 5 to 10 Minutes on current bids or offers.]
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Up up up [Waiting]


Now open for anyone wanting to buy ^^

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Hurricane is from a flight token I believe... 5 gold... I could be wrong... :3

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Meh, nothing I need, sorry :/.
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:/. Only coming back for tw.

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That is far from a lot, I am disappoint.  :tiger-35: