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server down?

Did the special maps crash or is the server down? Website says it's still online. But when I go to log in and pull up server list shows they are not active

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yeah i think so idk Really but i think so  :sad:

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ok thanks, was just making sure it wasn't something on my end causing the problem.


Yup, seems to be down.  :-[

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Thought it was just me cuz I have version 54 and someone said she had 53 in another post O.o Can't log in either.

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I have already submitted the issue ticket, hopefully it will be fixed asap.

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KK take it server conn problem again whaaaaaaaaa  :sad: I wanna lvl my wizzy  :P
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please  let me connect ingame..cause after x2 DC i cant log on again

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was my (similar) thread deleted?

I have already submitted the issue ticket, hopefully it will be fixed asap.


was my (similar) thread deleted?

It was just locked and moved, there's no need for more than one thread.  :-\

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anybody know the ETA when the server is gonna be back online? I don't want to spend half of day not being able to play >:C  :sad:
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server still down??