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Is it possible for EU to be soloable (wut)? i mean i mostly play solo and finding 8 people for it is hard  :-[
or at lest make the eu skills fordgeable  :-\

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Not that I know of, cuz of the "run past this line and whole quest fails" thing. :T If there was a way for that to be turned off sure.

if it was the real AEU now that I'm sure you'll be able to find people for. AEU is really fun XD

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I think it's fine as it is.  Yes, the drop rate from those boxes are horrid, but considering you can do it once a day, you're bound to get a book eventually and be able to sell it/trade it to get one you want/need.

I find EU extremely fun, but finding 7-9 others to do it with is pretty hard, and it's frustrating (and I can't run 8 clients at once xD)

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Bumping for eu skills to be forgdeable, at lest for a higher price... like maybe 20 chrono and 20 apoca.

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I rather like it the way it is. The instance is very unique and if you're too lazy to run it you can just buy the books off people who do. For example by farming 20 chrono & apoc pages, selling them and using the money for the morai book. I don't see why the fun should be ruined for the people that do like the instance just because some people don't or are too lazy.