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Okay im surprised how bored i was ... I Just started making a border header of faces xD
Lotta fails but it looks bad cool ! ! !  >:3

WTB-Another "x2" Week End ! ! ! !
If at all Possible <3
{Look Agaito} "Your Name is So Purty in those Color's lol"
Hated the timing on last (x2) had already Scheduled Sat-n-Sunday for double shifts at work.
Just my luck! FML haha!!

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Okay im surprised how bored i was ... I Just started making a border header of faces xD
Lotta fails but it looks bad cool ! ! !  >:3


looks nice.  :normal-42:
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x

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YES do more 2 times exp sprit drops coin  event pls GM,s

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X2 exp event gets server population and economie up by so mutch, people return, people sell old stuff, new people enjoy, old players enjoy,... Its like giving the server fresh air :)

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I have a suggestion Agatio. Since I like you, you like me, lets make a deal. Everyone on the server sends me EC. Every time i reach 1k EC they get 1 day of 2x. Deal? Deal. Start the mailing folks.

Hey! Thats to low "1k EC" I would charge 5k ec for x2 event lolz cause there is so many ppl logging  2-3(to 4) alts at a time to get there ec from 'TT's/BH's/Events and such'.  EC is easier to get when  your able to duo log like most of them. then they stingy when it comes to certain events xD sometimes I just dont understand ppl. :sad: :rolleyes:
omg typo's xD
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Unfurtenly everytime we have a x2, we have alot of prob as well. Our server  is way to big to have always x2 events.

Lets remember the lag, and pv prob. Why? Well first because we havve to many ppl, and they dont devide themselves through the 3 servers we have. Then because PW itself is not prepared to pv with this amount of ppl.

We have x2. mostly to reward players, from time to time. It will happen, just dont expect it to happen on a regular base :)
Ty to lucy that made my awsome Siggy and avvy
GM alt Krypto
Okay i understand the lag's and the server crashing  from so many "certain(x2)farming spots.Well please give a ETA when your next one is plz. <3 Last (x2) surprised me xD was sad I wasnt here most of that last Weekend.

which do you think is better looking?=)
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