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"Since the server opening we have stated very clearly that we DO NOT offer ECs for donation. However if you think that you can donate as much as he did, I'd be willing to send you ECs instead of Gold. Even though it may seem to be ridiculous why people spend so much over the game, especially this one where everything can be achieved without spending a single $, but if they enjoy it, why is it a problem for us?"

...i came and stayed on server because there was no way or reason to pay your way to have the best gear other then buying gold and selling it(ofcourse you have to sell it yourself which takes time). but suddenly this person out of no where pays some money and gets ec instead of gold(cough cough bribery cough cough) completely breaking all rules that were stated b4 then

...dafuq? gg server

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He must donated shit tons of money lol

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I definitely think it's unfair to make the entire community subject to one set of rules and then make exceptions to other players due to the financial gain. However I can see why Aga done it and can't really blame him for it as I would of probably done the same. Someone making such a huge donation like that is certainly going to really help Aga keep paying for the server so must of us here can continue to play it for free.

The big question is, is him having all that EC going to screw the economy up?

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Actually the Dragon Gear was end game gear back then available for donation or in game 'farming'. And people did not have any problem with that. Then R8 came out which was basically farm only and now you guys complain about one person that 'bought' it. Doesn't make any sense at all.
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