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Posts locked/deleted for Facts of corruption.

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I was reading some posts but some reason they got locked/deleted. Then I see Coffee make a post about it being the weekend and for us to go do something productive... I guess we all can just look for a new server/game to play because of the corruption on this server. Many people here are far more mature and older than the gm's and have real life experience with the hard reality called Life.  If the corruption is reported to the gm's yet no results are shown then there is some really shady activity happening on the server with the players/gm's.

It looks bad as a gm team/player community and you will lose a large playerbase when they don't get preferential treatment in game.  If the staff wants to screw over the playerbase that supports their server, then the playerbase will screw over the server and before long it will be a ghost town.  Then what will you do rename the server like another server has done and go under incognito gm names to try and bring people back? GL with that...

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Nahhh i finally got 3x on wrists, im good for another few weeks

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people broke the rules, and couldn't handle their punishment thus causing drama. this has zero to do with corruption.