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My 20 Hour Mute "Rage"

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Okay. So.
I'm not a person to rage about getting muted.
Really. Seriously. I'm not.
I know I say totally obnoxious things on WC
and when I do, I accept responsibility for it.

This evening, I was muted for 20 hours for..
uhm... Oh yeah. That's the problem.
I have no idea why I got muted.

The most questionable thing I had said in WC
in the past hour or so... was:
"I wanna feel you from the inside."
Excuse me for saying so,
but that doesn't exactly warrant a 20 hour mute.
Not to mention, someone had just said:
"I wanna **** you like an animal" approx. 10 seconds
before I said my line, and he wasn't muted.

On top of all that...
Take a look at that "reason."

That's not a reason.
Sorry. But it's not.

So. Yeah.
There's my epic rage
for my epic mute.
She doesn't even go here.

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Damn... That really sucks but hey atleast now you wont be tempted to say anything that might warrant a mute right?^^

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Mutes and bans should be directly send to Agatio, not to be discussed in the forum.

Quoteing you: "I know I say totally obnoxious things on WC"

You were just coming from a mute, yet you felt the need to continue saying " totally obnoxious things on WC" reason why your muted was extended.

Maybe this time you get the message :)

This kinda of talk, is not in the right place, and for sure not in WC.


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