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Healing in PK

Offline Mercy

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I'm noob. So, is there a way to stop you from healing others that aren't allied or in your faction or squad. I always forget to click my portrait when I want to heal myself and I end up healing my target instead. I've seen some pk videos where people can heal themselves when they are targeting someone else and I want to know how. D:

Offline Ivan

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Buff filters, open the buff/pk protection window and tick buff is cast  only on allies/squad members or whichever you prefer.
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Ah, you guys have saved my life... Literally. Thanks so much <3

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Lmfao I use to do that too wit my cleric heals/buffs  :D

Offline Mercy

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Lmfao I use to do that too wit my cleric heals/buffs  :D

I always get shouted at in my squads xD