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Casanova and Cynix. I am proud to know you two remedial gais. xD

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So, Casanova makes me so proud to consider him a friend of sorts...

Then there's Cynix. So proud of this guy...

There you go, Ste. Now you can lol at them.


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 Always welcoming those who leave :normal-35:

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you guys are so cool.



It's a disease.  :-[

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Always welcoming those who leave :normal-35:

Think about it tho EVERYONE is always looking for a friendly faction.How much MORE friendly can you get than to welcome someone EVEN when their leaving. lol
Chillin out with friends in ChillZone

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So I'm taking it that NH is really a friendly faction.  Good on yall <3

Stay Classy.
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So I'm taking it that NH is really a friendly faction.  Good on yall <3

Honestly? Don't let the trashtalk and pk drama fool you. Being in NH is easily one of my favorite things about EPW. Everyone's so nice to eachother, and know how to take a joke.

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NoHomo is pretty much a family we all might be different color age and from all around the world be we take care of each other and have fun at the same time NoHomo for life <3

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I can explain...


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you guys are so cool.

I think someone is just a little jealous D:

It's ok Labs! We said Welcome when you left too! <3
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