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[March] Ms. EpicPW Contest - FINALS

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[March] Ms. EpicPW Contest - FINALS

Due to the number of participants and the number of hard choices we've decided to raise the number of finalist to 8 and the number of winners to 3.

The 8 Finalist are:

Kicia, Crysella, Andzia, Acey, BlueS, _Matilda_, Xunna, & Nelly


1) Main Rules: http://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=342.0
2) Only those who are listed above as teh 8 finalist can participate in the finals.
3) ONLY reply to this thread one time for your completed objective. Modify your post if you need to.
4) The objective must be completed and entered here into your ONE post before the end date.
5) There will be allowed 1 screenshot.
6) Character looks DO count as well as hair styles and fashion, so choose wisely.
7) Screenshots only, no effects from other programs are allowed.
8) See below the objective for special rules.

*Remember only 1 screenshot for this objective*

Objective: Make the most creative screenshot you possibly can. Any fashion any location anything.
Special Rules
- Can't use any programs to enhance the image. Pure screenshot only.
- You MUST be the main part of the screenshot.
- No more then 3 other players can be in your screenshot.


The final round will be judged by all the GMs including our very own Agatio. They will be judging everyones screenshots on the following criteria:

- Looks
- Fashion
- Location
- Creativity

After the judges all submit to me their judgings I will review them and get everyones averages from them. The players with the highest averages win.


1st Place = Choice between: 20 EC + 3 Super Level Scrolls OR 1 Peice of Demonic Gear & You name + Winning screenshot on our Ms. EpicPW Hall of Fame.
2nd Place = 15 EC + 2 Super Level Scrolls
3rd Place = 10 EC + 1 Super Level Scroll

Due Date

All screenshots are to be posted in your 1 reply by 11:59pm Server Time on the following due date: March 26, 2012

Questions, Comments, or Suggestions

Please post any questions, comments, or suggestions that you may have at the following thread that was already made by a player:

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I heard the abominable snowman is around here... somewhere
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Acey please use that post to post your screenshot just modify your message.

Also, this isn't a discussion thread. EVERYONE had good screenshots. Like I said it was a tough decision. The top 8 were picked like this.

Me and AngeLica each made a top 10 list. Players that were on both lists were considered for the top 8. We then had a discussion about why we picked who we picked and our ratings. Elu, you were on 1 list but not the other, that means that you wernt eligeble for the top 8. We were also considering giving all participants a small reward for participating in the first one, but after this I dont know if that will happen.

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Enter Crysella:

"Schoolgirl visits the Library. She didn't get her homework done that day...but definitely got an A+ and earned a little extra credit."

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Kicia is looking for someone... :P

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The Princess and The Chief of Dragon Tribe praying to the Gods For Rain, there has been a drought in their place for months.

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Following a Fairy...

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The girl is about to suicide and her boyfriend is very desperate..

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Updated the due date.

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*Prizes may be adjusted since the 1.4.4 conversion*

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After all 5 GMs (Agatio, Thanatos, Lilly, AngeLica, and Myself) gave me their scores. I got the averages of each player and posted them below. The players with the most total points won.

Since we are having some technical difficulties with prizes, I will think of somthing. But in the meantime your winners and scores are below.!!!!!


First Place: Acey
Second Place: _Matilda_
Third Place: Crysella

- Overall 6.6/10
- Looks 7/10
- Fashion 7.6/10
- Location 7/10
- Creativity 6.2/10
TOTAL: 34.4/50

- Overall 8.2/10
- Looks 8.2/10
- Fashion 8/10
- Location 8/10
- Creativity 9.2/10
TOTAL: 41.6/50

- Overall 8.2/10
- Looks 8.2/10
- Fashion 7.8/10
- Location 9.2/10
- Creativity 7.4/10
TOTAL: 40.8/50

- Overall 9.2/10
- Looks 9.2/10
- Fashion 9.2/10
- Location 9.2/10
- Creativity 9.4/10
TOTAL: 46.2/50

- Overall 7/10
- Looks 7.6/10
- Fashion 7.6/10
- Location 7.6/10
- Creativity 6.6/10
TOTAL: 36.4/50

- Overall 9/10
- Looks 8.6/10
- Fashion 9/10
- Location 9.2/10
- Creativity 9.8/10
TOTAL: 45.6/50

- Overall 0/10
- Looks 0/10
- Fashion 0/10
- Location 0/10
- Creativity 0/10
TOTAL: 0/50

- Overall 5.6/10
- Looks 5.8/10
- Fashion 6/10
- Location 3.2/10
- Creativity 5.8/10
TOTAL: 26.4/50