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Is there another way to donate besides paypal...

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Paypal have a password now and I dont know what email my card reg to Having problems...

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I don't believe there currently is a way to do so. This being a private server brings issues using certain other payment processors.

As far as I know paypal has always had a password (Seeing as using real life money requires some security..)
Unless you have hundreds of email addresses I'd suggest just going trough the ones you have and looking for the registration mail/ try to use the forget password and guess the mail untill you get it right.

If both of these fail you could always ask a close friend who does have a working paypal account to donate for you and transfer the money to him/her using some other method. I wouldn't recommend doing this with anyone other than real life close friends though.

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atm we are only working with PayPal but Agatio is discuss some terms and we might have another ways of payments. If im not wrong hes taking care of PaySafe and i would like to see Western Union aswell but all depends on contracts and taxes and bla bla bla...wont bore with this kind of information which is only relevant for us  :-\

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As far as I remember you can use paypal if you are using a credit/debit card you dont need a paypal account as such, as you are only using paypal to process the transaction.  A friend of mine uses paypal like this as they dont have a paypal account themselves.
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