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I already  made a topic like this a few months ago but i still See its unavailable, so is there a Chance we Will be able to donate with Paysafe Cards? Its impossible for me to donate by credit card but i really want to donate...


Now, I know it is through paypal, but is there a way that you could perhaps link your bank account directly to a paypal account? I understand if you don't want 3rd parties having your information, or don't want to charge on your line of credit, but paypal gives you the option to write 'Electronic Cheques" ("Checks" for you Americans). Therefore you would only have to release the branch info and the like that would be on a standard cheque, rather than having a credit card linked to the account. They take time to clear, up to a week, but Agatio is very good at giving you your gold even if the echeque hasn't been "cashed" yet.

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As for my understanding. And with the growing up of the server :). Agatio will be bringing up more ways to donate. i think and im pretty sure he have said in previous posts that he will be adding some new metods soon.

So we all just need to wait now.

But yet Tali is right Paypal gives you alot of options now a days.
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