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Eclipse expansion is here!

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Hey everyone! We would like to announce that the Eclipse expansion is up and running!
With this maintenance we have made the TW map reset.
In addition the 2x event for exp and drops will be running for the next few days. Enjoy the game!
Registrations for Clash of Classes Event are now open!

> Patch Notes
> Eclipse: Content Guide
> Client Download
> Tournament: Clash of Classes

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Main game updates:
* New classes: Duskblade and Stormbringer! The Duskblade is a fast melee class that can string together combos, while the Stormbringer is an arcane class with ability to cast skills while moving
* New feature: Star Charts! These mystical items will allow you to further increase your stats. Talk to Light Emperor Alexander in Kirin Town to get started!  guide
* The second part of the Primal World has been unlocked with frozen Luneska and aquatic Riptide areas to discover! Completing their quests will award you with Flowsilver Coins and Star Chart related elements.
* New title quest chains have been added - guide
* New starting zone: Celestial Vale! Newly created characters will now have opportunity to do low level quests and progress the game slowly (like on retail server) or use the Level Scroll from their bag to level instantly to 110.

Instance related:
* Heavenfall Temple is now open! This single-player dungeon is located in the skies above the Heavenly Music Pavilion in Lothranis. Challenge the 108 floors of the temple for power as well as prestige - guide and  www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0XcaHZQaxw
* Flowsilver Palace Judgment Mode! If you're looking for a challenge and new rewards, try this new mode, which will also feature a new boss after defeating Tyrant Prince.

Game functionality improvements:
* New game UI has been introduced
* The Skills interface has been updated. Instead of travelling to skill trainer NPCs to learn new skills, you can learn them directly from the Skills window (by pressing R hotkey).
* Faction Mail has been added. Faction members with a rank of Marshal or higher can send mail to all members of their Faction. Money and items cannot be attached to Faction Mail.
* When facing a Faction that controls more territories than your own in Territory Wars, you will now gain a buff that increases your Defense Level proportional to the difference in territories. If the difference is particularly high, it will increase Attack Level as well.
* Size of Safe and Cupboard has been increased to 96 slots; size of Pet Bag increased to 20. Just use Extension Stone from God's Giving to unlock it.
* Supreme Celestial Schism introduced - when switching to opposite cultivation, all the skills will also convert to their corresponding levels.
* Nation Wars has now additional ranking options.
* Added an option to display dead and high-scoring players in chat.
* Faction Rename Stone is now available in the Points Shop.

Quest related:
* Quest tracker has been improved with three new functions:
1. show you the quest objective on the map; 2. send a message over Squad (or Normal) Chat with your quest progress; 3. remove quest from the tracker
* A new Mission Location Display button has been added to the world map. Clicking it will show the locations of all currently tracked quests.
* Added Active Points system which will allow to automatically complete daily quests. Active Points can be earned by completing various daily quests.
* Autumn Harbinger daily quests introduced

Custom changes:
* Attributes of Star Charts have been modified to ensure proper balance, aptitude capped at 5 and starshifting option removed
* Starglade Chest can be obtained from: Dark Emperor's Fate StarChart quest, Astral Sky prize chest, This War o' Mine daily quest, FSP Judgment mode
* Meridian has been reworked for better balance
* Heavenfall Temple rewards and mob difficulty adjusted to the server standards
* Rewards of Primal quests have been updated to match the server standards
* Perfect Element reward system modified for better balance
* Warsong Medals can be now exchanged into Genie Exp Cubes at Watcher of the Earth
* Nuema is now free to upgrade; chests can be found at God's Giving
* Added Nightshade Morai skills to Universe Chests, in addition the Chest will now have 100% chance to grant a skill book for a random class.
* Added flights and weapon fashion for new classes
* Custom title sets have been added for easier tracking of all the new title chains
* Rare Flight Tokens were renamed to Flight Tokens; Old Flight Tokens have been removed from game
* Lunar Bounty Hunter quest has been replaced with AEU
* Mini-map size increased

Coming in future:
* New dungeon: Quicksand Maze.
* The Dragons' Conquest faction PvP event.

Known issues:
* Twilight Temple requires 4 people in squad to open, this will be fixed really soon!
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Patch notes v6:

* Stone Collector has a Crazy Stone quest available starting from level 130
* Twilight Temple requires 2 people to open again
* Twilight Temple 3-3 Summonbots are back at their old places
* Nightscream Isle teleport after death and detection buff fixed
* +15 vit God Stones will now give proper vitality amount when imbuing
* Leaf Rain Dryad in Abaddon no longer cast invincible buff on herself
* Nightshade r8 reshape no longer requires Chienkun Stones
* Wings and dual edges reported as invisible should now display properly
* Fixed bad word filter (censoring word Nightwatch)
* Tundra Stalker is now big again
* Some minor adjustments to Heavenfall Temple rewards
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My interest in the game is back; I think it's time to make a new account and level :D

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No fashion sad sad but good patch bro

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No fashion sad sad but good patch bro
Right? Not worth the download now.

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No fashion sad sad but good patch bro
Awe we need for fashion ):
Maybe next patch???

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sheet how run epicpw 
chrisjan s. busil

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Welcome To new Era, but i still have the old water gun T_T

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Thank you for the hard work Aga and guys....dl now hope to be playing soon  :-* :-*