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Wiz vs Pzy

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So.. can someone who has both or know both good enough on this server make some sort of info list about them?

good and bad sides ..
max hp..
atk lvl def lvl...
mag and phys def...
what to try get on r8 armor if so or if 150 is good enough ...
whatever you can think about to say about them..
yeah i have both a 150 wiz and a 150 psy:

psy are probably the most over powered class (easiest to play) in the game, simply because of how hard to kill them it is. soul of silence makes it annoyingly hard for sins BMs and pretty much any aps class to kill them and if that wasn't enough they have a skill called psychics will which makes you immune to physical dmg for a 10 (I think) seconds. they can get the highest attack/defense level in the game duo to their black and white voodoo skills.

that being said my wizard is my main and it's simply because it's more fun for me to play that a psychic. and wizards are a great class to play as well. they are without a doubt the hardest hitting class out there (recently it might not be as clear since everyone is running around with attack and defense levels which throws off the balance of everything but that's a different topic) and wizards are also they squishiest class out there as well, although their mobility with distance shrink and arcane defense makes them a bit annoying to actually get a firm grip on.

so all in all if you're looking for which class is better between the two then it's clearly the psychic in my opinion.
psychic hit slightly softer than wizards but are one of the hardest and most annoying classes to kill.
psychic has more CC (crowd control) skills than wizards and psychics have way more aoe skills.

p.s almost forgot with wizards you pretty much HAVE to get r8 in order to be able to do your role as a mass nuker b ut with psychics you can pretty much get away with just dragon gear since you already have attack level although i would strongly suggest you invest your time/money on R8

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From having played all classes i would say a proper wizzy or a proper psy can be the hardest the classes to kill. Impossible to kill with aps no because IG or willsurge or belief makes it easy to smash a psy and for a wizzy all you have to do is catch them with no genie energy after arcane def activates. Once that happens stunlock them and dead wizzy. but as rance has said seeker is one of the most OP classes, the other 2 are veno and a mystic.

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Psy's are annoying, but, wizards can 1 hit almost everything with a simple aoe cast or a combination of debuffs(genie) and a m agic throw skill. I choose wizard, because it's more fun to play, it can kill everything pretty fast and can get a very high atk lvl, which will help very much into everything. They don't have much stunning skills but that won't be a problem if u get a good distanse with it, ur enemy will be down before it reaches u. (Of course, those things will happen if u know how to roll a wiz, if u know good combos and know what to use and when)

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