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There is a new Perfect World server opening. It just opened a few days ago and is in the beta stages atm. It's a good testing server before it enters into launch, it's run by a great gaming group who are launching many games. The server is 1000x. When you play the beta you have up to 99,000 gold to mess around with, everything costs 1 gold. It's just to test things atm, but it's run by good people, so if you want a fresh start, come and play here:

Perfect World Addiction/Hyperion http://www.pw-hyperion.com/
Games Forum http://www.gamma-games.de/forum.php

100 Packs = 1 gold.
Attack/Defence/Gem shards 1 gold.
10,000 Uncanny/Rapture crystals
10,000 Sockets
100 Wraith Officer's Badges = 300,000 Rep.

Come and try the server out, help mold the server by your love for the game.


Well, this seems very much not allowed.

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Well, this seems very much not allowed.

Agreed >:

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