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What is the deal

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I'm back after long break dealing with RL issues and it seems like everyone that used to be here is gone or maybe on one of the other servers  like 2 or 3 i guess have not really got a understanding of what the difference is in the 3 servers but server 1 seems rather unfriendly and not many players from before... but if anyone i used to play with is around hit me up or something........
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Server 1 -3 are all the same. These are just different Gateways to reduce lag and everything.

Means : If you are on Server 3 you also see the people which are on 1 and 2.

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LOL muff man WB but i cant help but laugh at how you think people frm a certain server are more unfriendly xD

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Probably because of the fact the server is quote-on-quote "going to shit."