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Pika's Disappointment.

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  • Cool story, bro.
The title makes this sound so much more interesting... Anyways.

I don't know about anyone else but I enjoy a white Christmas. Since December started we have had ZERO snow here up until December 26th. In all honesty, I don't even really get into the "Christmas spirit" until the ground is covered in snow. Well Christmas is over, and now it's snowing and all white and pretty outside. NOW I'm in the Christmas spirit and want to bake shtuff and be all "FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA". I can't help but to be disappointed. Anyone else have this problem? XD

(Likelihood of someone replying: .0009%)

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Being in India i can just dream of snow Q_Q  :'( :'(

here"s your .0009% anyways xD

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We don't get snow where I live. :sad:

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all i got was a bunch of rain :c
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I don't think I've had snow on Christmas day in about 5 year? It's always supposed to be a white Christmas D;

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we had one snow fall before this one where i live, but it was gone the next day. and theres usually a lot of snow here during winter. which generally lasts from mid october to late march

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No snow where I live :c
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It'd be great if one christmas morning the floor was just covered in snow, Gotta have them snowball fight QQ

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Never seen real snow, never been near it or had the opportunity to go to the snow. Lot's more to complain about then lack of snow. (BTW, when I say "never seen snow" I mean that I've never seen snow like, IRL, so TV doesn't count)

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Ohhh. Snow is just a dream in our country.

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Ellie doesn't have the rights to see snow irl...that's all

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Waayyyyy too much snow in my country. You can have some of it.

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  • happy holidays :)
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then i think i can share with you all:

enjoy  :D
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Ellie doesn't have the rights to see snow irl...that's all

did i even say i didnt see it irl??????.i was in paris 2yrs ago on new year nub..  .|.


Wew, we had even snow in october. But oooofc no snow when christmas came. >.>