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Guild FB and pvp

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This is just a Rough Idea so keep the hate low and any idea's you might have would be welcome..

Alright then lets start i was reminiscing about how hard some of the fb's were if every one was the same lvl they had to work together or they would die that simple. Every one had a roll to play if the person played that roll the wrong way =party wipe   

 So I was thinking maybe make the FB's harder say mobs to lvl 200+ "idk Just throwing numbers out".
I was thinking that's a good start but why would people want to do FB's hmm so i got to thinking.
"I know right dangerous lol"

 What if it was made so only people of the same guild had to make a squad of at least 5 to enter hmm

 What if every guild who enter's this specific FB played on the same map and pvp forced. "Well that would be
really hard" but people here like a challenge.  But to make it even harder why not put the Boss Behind a door
and make a mini boss the key carrier "the key would drop after defeating the mini boss and a party member
would pick it up if that member should die either through pvp or mobs the key is forced to drop on death."

 Now what would the boss dropped if your guild was lucky enough to kill it.Well I was thinking since its a guild instance maybe guild mats to help lvl the base and construction 500 point with a 5% chance of a rare Cash Shop Item or items IDK. But would like a drop to be something of proof of beating that FB so If a guild had beat
All of the FB's and had the proof "seal, key something"  from each FB they could do a special Guild Instance with all guild members that boss could have a sht Ton of HP and resistance and maybe drop rare type guild armor with all of the guild buffs or a random guild buff perm and 50 cash shop gold.

Ok that's my Idea help improve it or not your choice BTW I did not pass my English Class so forgive any mistakes   


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Tbh not a bad idea

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Sounds like Nirvana for guild members only. Another farming instance ... NO TY.

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Sounds good but unfortunately there are guilds out there that do not want to help, and then the person that needs to get there FB done is unfortunately the one who is the one that gets hurt. Yes I know what some are gonna say.... "well go find a gulid that does help" but then you label those people as a "guild hopper". Come on it is not their fault that no one wants to help. Other then that I think it sounds like a good idea. Now this is just my opinion and NO NEED to rage at me. :tiger-42:

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Forced PvP just for FB? You're already in squad, what's the point of going forced PvP? Also, hate forced PvP zones.
BTW I did not pass my English Class so forgive any mistakes
Not forgiven, STUDY MORE. It's very hard to understand very much of your post.

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She did pretty good, But only if English isn't her main language.

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"BTW I did not pass my English Class so forgive any mistakes "

I understood it perfectly, no apology needed.