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Bugged Bounty Hunter Quest

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I do not know If anyone Already Reported this but When you do the Bountry Hunter Quest for the Kill monster: Hauntery Queen when you kill her or him. The Quest stays as Unfinished O.o? can someone look into it pwease lolz thank you   ^-^

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yea happend to me 3 time

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In order to complete the quest you must do the quest with squad. . . . if the name of the boss is Hauntery Queen (Mirror) you will not be able to complete the Bounty Hunter Quest  :smiley:


You need to run Lunar Glade with a party under the MP mode, killing BOTH Tablets before the boss to get to the actual boss. :)

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he talk turkish?!?!?! or spanish?!?!?!
we have queen and did it on squad mode and did'nt got quest both stone died too
its clear sirs?
i had 5 client got it on 3 only other 2 not complete......
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maybe the 2 who didn't complete is far from the queen boss