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My responce to raising to 250 level cap.

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How would you fill up a gear cap of 100 levels? Just, first of all.


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Raising level cap to 250 will just ruin the game. IJs

Okay, all you newbies! Listen up! I'm the new leader, if you do exactly what I say, you might for one second in your life - experience what it's like to not totally suck!


I see alot of people opinion, These are my answers..

Barbs may have alot of Hp if the level cap is higher, but sins also will crit higher and magic classes will hit harder so a barb wont be that much op than any other class...

The level cap dont have to be 250 it just was put out there. It can be 160-180 or something. How many times people quit game do to being bored. I hear alot of 150 players saying they bored.

Alliance Faction:

None really help in pk so thats boring at times, Tw factions everyone and they adopted family is in nohomo, Im Glad the A faction came into play make the game a lil fun. Im in Nohomo so not haten they good people..

On the business end raising the level cap help the game the higher the level more money will be spent. Alot of people will say no cause yall dont spend no real life money on game. I do so I have different reason for voicing my opinion.  Alot of yall just be on forumz haten anyway so yall dont count. But raising the level cap a lil high like 160 or 175 would be a lil better. Also make a new map or make the mobs give a lil more exp if that happen..

Its a new Year coming might as well do something different...
Kill yourself  ???
imo aga and the gms and concentrating on the wrong things to make this game fun.... allow me to explain:

the only reason you pve/quest and/or grind is to get to max level so you can have some good pvp (or to have gear in order to be competent in said pvp)... erm atleast thats the main reason MOST people come to private servers in the first place. i mean think about it if people really wanted to grind or quest more they would have just stayed in pwi instead of coming to a private server in the first place (or is it just me?).

now what i would suggest is trying to make the reason people came to a private server more challenging. meaning making pvp more competitive and what not. (i know this isn't easy, but nothing that's worth doing ever is). so just speculating from what i hear on the forums and from what friends tell me, there are WAY too many alliances in the game to have any competitive pk out there anymore (missing imp yet? ;) ). that said you guys should hold an event lasting for however long to try to see which faction can HOLD west gate (or any other place) for the longest in a set amount of time. and no alliances will be allowed (meaning only one faction wins). i also suggest giving this event extremely good prices, thus making factions want to pvp more and not just grow stronger but make it's members stronger as well (meaning more pve crap will get done). again this is just a suggestion but you get the point. i strongly recommend making pvp more challenging rather than just adding more pve.

anywhoooooooooooo tataaaaa <3