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Steel, a small new guild is looking for active players that are looking to be apart of a tight knit guild. We are looking for people that want to build more than just the strongest PK guild on the server. We are accepting all level ranges, experienced players and new players. We look forward to seeing you join our family.

Steel is being built on values of respect, honestly and compassion for others. We are a laid back guild that helps our members become as strong as they want. We will do anything to make sure you get any item you so seek.

We have a guild base, Raid Call, and a webite(http://epwsteel.shivtr.com/)

TM/BH/Full GV/Full WS/PK/Future TW/Daily Guild Events/Base Quests(ecs each week if you do them)/Pk Practice.

Our guild events reward participants with Epic Coins, Warsong Wristband Inscriptions, Cog of Fates and other important items :)
Our rules are simple. Be respectful, helpful and loyal.

If you are interested please contact me. KoKyaaa
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i think ima join xD
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Offline KoKyaaa

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  • I am Sarah
yes welcome earth
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