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well my archers nirvy xbow has a pierce stone in it. its not armor crush and strickly made fo use in GV (when silence making mobs run is annoying). Anyway what i was wondering is if i had to purge it since its not armor crush but it gives the same effect. thanks in advance :3

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i say lets ban dis aoh who agree? :P
i asked sweetfury he said purge yours as it do same  :pig-32:

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If I remember correctly, It was only Armor crush and 150 weapons that had to be purged. I'm not sure, I might be wrong. :c

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can a GM please clarify? i'm very sure the original forum post merely mentioned armor crush, so AOH should be able to keep his xbow as it is. however, if it is armor crush and 150 weaps only, this will clear up a lot of rumors about what GMs say have to be purged or not.
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What to clarify?

They said Armor Crush. Noone mentioned any other.

Armor Crush removal started from few noobs died by
skilled players who happend to have it in their weapons.


My Sin had Gloom stone in Daggers but it was purged
soon after the campaign started. It was an error but
I realized it only few days ago when saw Gloom stone
normally available as it has to be.

Now I have Quicken stone and it works well enough.
Enough for PvE, and I don't PK.
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I was waiting on Agatio to coment but sinse he didnt, for what i know only the armor crush stone are being asked to be purged.
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yea was kinda hopen for the final word from him myself but thx for the response :3