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Has the game been extremely laggy this week or is it just me ..
Like around this time its soo laggy its like a picture slideshow..
and its very depressing >.<


I don't experience much lag, though I do notice a huge difference in my ping during the day and the night. Of course, I find the server almost dead when it's night time for me.  :sad:

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I didn't experience any change in ping lately but while i was getting 2-3 cleints running to do bh i disconected from all of them at the same time,this happened 2-3 times.Other than that no change at all.

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I don't lag much, my ping usually doesn't go over 300. Only once in awhile it gets really high but I don't think I've ever gotten a "slideshow"   :sad:
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i dont lag either even i have 2 client, the only lagging is when u at ADC b/c there' a lot of epw player selling item or afk... try stay away from laggy place so u dont lag
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