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X-Mass Fashion Event by Carmel

Offline Yukina

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Fashion Event

Theme: Christmass fashion
Prize: 40 Ec per 1 winner
Winners: DemonSlayer (Boys) and KissTheFloor (Girls)
Organizer: Carmel


Thanks for fun! Congratz for all winners!

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Liquidstep(Chill) was there 8)   8)  8)
Im Liquidstep and you may see  me at NS

Favorit place to  Chill there.

Chillstep - 150(sin)
Liquidstep - 150(Archer)
SlushyStep -  150(Mystic)
DreamStep - 150(cleric)
ChillyStepZ - 150(wiz)

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Was so funny! <3 thanks for joing guys.