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New Farming Instances?

Offline Stella

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I think we should have more farming instance, ones that are bigger?? Let alone NO PK! because whats the point of farming if you have a good chance of dying for someone? yah you can go bank after every few, but that gets annoying as hell, and btw if you guys get sirens of war patch, and if we have Nation wars, I think if you win in Nation wars and you get Tokens, you should be able to make ec with them.


I wouldn't mind a new farming instance, but unfortunately it could be up to a year before Sirens of War content is available for third parties and then modified to fit the server.  :-[

Offline Solitaira

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If and when Sirens is ever implemented on this server, I hope some forethought will be given to TW. On PWI, TW is absolutely dead -- time changes didn't help and NW is just a lot more fun.

I've got a number of ideas for freshing up the TW experience, but that's beyond the perview of this thread, and I feel like such a total sh!thead barfing up so-called ideas for improvement on a server that's already so good.