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Dragonchild event

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I've been having problems getting a GM to host the dragonchild event. Since I've talked with my guildmates and set up a time that's best for everyone, all we needed to do it was a GM (which we thought it would be easy). Once we gathered for the event, we started looking for a gm, but there was none. We waited for 2 hours hoping that one will show up, but nothing. We decided to do it tomorrow. Same thing happened again. We  finally managed to get a gm the 3rd day, but since I don't want that to happen again, I thought i could suggest something. Since the number of GMs is way smaller than the amount of guilds participating in the event it would be better if the GMs told us the time and/or day that would be best for them to hold the event. I am not trying to criticise their work or anything, I'm just trying to make this easier for everyone.
Thanks o_o

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its becuz they don't do it anymore :shocked:

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its becuz they don't do it anymore :shocked:

Just because its almost X mas.
so don't panic pls.

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At the moment this event wont be held, because GM`s are busy - Christmas coming, for some of us not only Christmas but and exams.

Setting a time isn`t bad idea, but it`s hard to make. We are never sure that we will be able to log on that time.
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