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Training Esoterica bugged?

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Ok here is the deal I am out at Shrine of the Ancestors farming EC , before i use training esoterica i am getting 53 -59k exp per kill roughly, i use the eso and now am only 43-46k exp. whats up with that.
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It's just a little glitch, the Eso still does it's job. If I'm not wrong, but I wouldn't really worry about it much. =P

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Lolly I  believe  your  right.. just  check your  actual XP gained

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Try killing last Pinky Rabbits on White Arrow Path
(starter path for leveling to 110). They are lvl 90 and
on screen they show less gain than you really get.

Orange numbers say one thing, actual gain is something else.

Real gain you can check on purple bar next to your toon icon.
Mouse over it to read numbers before and after kill.

Variables reserved for displaying gain have limited number
of bits and numbers higher than that are shown only for how
much is over the maximum that can be stored in it.

For example:

one 16-bit number can show only numbers from
0 to  65535, if you store 65536 in there you will get 0,
65537 will give 1, ..., 131071 shown as 65535 again,
131072 as 0, and so on, round and round.

On the other hand, what you really gain and what is stored in your
toon record has bigger fields (more bits) and you get more than
display shows.

Number 150000 breaks the maximum of display variable twice, so
150000 will be added to your toon record as 150000 (you have much
more bits reserved there - check it on your purple bar), but on display
will be shown as (150000 - 2 * 65536 - 1) which is 18927.

(If some other amount of bits is reserved the 65536 will be some other
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ok thanks a lot i will check it that cause it just kinda tripped me out i was like what the hell i am supposed to be getting more not less. lmao
We are all a little crazy, just some more than others .