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1 shot drops 3 xD

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so i was beating up on a friend and there were others around that got caught in the crossfire and well.....they died  :))

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Pretty hard to believe.. From what I've seen at least.
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Not really hard to believe, saying she's a seeker with zerk sword and such =P

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Sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments.

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Why so mean Angi Q.Q

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That was my wife you killed bish >.>
Ravensss yoo -___-t

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o.o  they must have been level 110-119.  Cause yeah...seekers are awesome in PvE, but fail in pvp.  At least mine is generally speaking.
I am.
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o.o  they must have been level 110-119.  Cause yeah...seekers are awesome in PvE, but fail in pvp.  At least mine is generally speaking.
Ehhh..... Seekers are actually very good in pvp, just not when it comes power. They lack moves with crucial 100+ wep damage effects on them except vortex, ion, and gemini. I believe theres another im missing but im to lazy to check. Personally i DO find it hard to believe that you got four people plus yourself saying something at the exact same time. However, i also find it hard to belive it could have been staged, because timing would have to be perfect, and SS would have to be taken the instant the sins "play dead" before they pop back up.

Most importantly though are the other three things wrong with the pic, first of all, i see nothing. No remnants of a debuff, no buff except bladed fervor and what looks to be either northern sky or parchblade, and a POSSIBLE frostblade, the blue makes it hard to tell, either there was a mage buff, or you sparked. Another problem with the picture is the weapon you're using. That's unmistakably a Vana wep. The levitating 4-pointed saw at the end is unique to that weapon. So them called you OP'ed.... seems kinda scripted to me, cause i've never heard anyone call someone who used a weapon other than dragon or r8 (except 1 lvl 145-149 sin i saw at ns) OPed. I think they would be saying something like "WTH!?" or "O.O" or even "the f*** just happened?  o.o" instead of commenting the OP'edness of your vana weap had it been truely legit. I also find it odd that there was nothing on SS, no hp, no buffs, genie, or moves. If someone wanted to post this, normally they would make sure there was proof to make sure everyone knows it's legit. But that really doesnt mean anything, since most people have UI off by default when they SS, so a simple forgetfulness to change that easily explains it. I have REALLY good zoom on my laptop, so thats how i was able to pick up on those small details.  :)

But like i said, while it looks staged, it's also very HARD to stage, and if it was staged then you put great effort into making it look legit cause sins and psys cant drop for more than 1 sec, and everyone saying the right thing at the right time on top of that would take so much effort, i'd hardly be worth the reward. And there's also the possibilty you killed them one at a time and made it look like it was an aoe 1shot, which is hard to do unless the victims are under lvl 120. IN SHORT: i dont know what to make of this, too many things dont add up, or make sence. I dont know how to label this, so instead, i'll CG. No matter what this was you deserve props lol. If it was real, that was pretty damn awesome, and if it was staged, you did a REALLY good job of making it look legit. So Congratz  xD

AND SO THERE IS NO CONFUSION (like on a previous post of mine) Only the first 3 sentances were directed towards you, after that it was mainly to Angi. Someone (wont name names lol) got pissed at me for no reason because they thought dissing them, when really i was directing it to a forum troll. I just forgot to specify who it was directed to. So i just wanted to be clear on this lol.
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I don't find this hard to believe, I've zerk crit and killed more than one at a time. Yeah she's in vana gear but notice the people she killed were all arcanes,a cleric and psychics at that. Very low phys defense classes. Doesn't take much to kill either of them; assuming the psychics weren't in defense voodoo.

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what happened was (to all of you non believers) i was beating up on Taka and 3 sparked then used Gemini Slash but just before i used tangling mire also you have to take into effect that they were all mages with pretty low physical defense. Also i took the SS after this happened when they were all giving me hell about it.