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ok i know there is a guide in here for demon/sage

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but where do you actually go to get your first sage fairy it didnt say in the guide i have done all my culti quest and didnt see anything on who to go to, to get the sage fairy. I am still stuck with the starting fairy cause i cant figure this out lol. Thanks for any help.And to those with smartass comments u can kiss it lol
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When you finish your culti quests (three consecutive chains)
you become sage fairy yourself. :)

Your Genie will reflect your cultivation and periodically switch forms,
nothing special have to do with it, but that's just an indication of
your own fairy state.

You "have first fairy" (or "are first fairy") after Culti 89 (Sage Brim,
Demon Eden), second fairy is after Culti 99 (SoT for Sage, Abaddon
for Demon), and third fairy is when you become Celestial Sage or
Celestial Demon after GV and Happy Valley.

Hope this answers your question.
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u go to 1k city . after u see the elder turn right . the demon/sage culti npc should be there .

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Sage/Demon guides are at the southern end of 1k streams across a small bridge. From the Elder you go south across the said bridge and you'll come across the Demon Guide, continue a bit further to the other side of the building and you'll see the Sage Guide.

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I searched third fairy demon....I didn't even know I already had 3rd.....4gold.....Depression. Should've searched first.

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