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Hey Guys Im new player in This Game

My questions:
What is the best class in PVP?

Offline zizoman

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??????????? no one can answer me

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 ???there is no best class...

its what class your good at or can master. :))

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Well, there is no "best" one, but you can make smth that u like and try it out how it goes on this server. For example, I started with my archer and ended up on psy (which is my main now) sooo its all how u love it :P
KingCobra guides to dph and aps assasin. pay attention to the veri simple steps.
Aps assasin
1-donate ur house and live in a box to get 0.15 wrist on rank 8
2-get a genie with absolute domain,holy path,and 1 lv wind shield for 5 aps.
3-get shitload of wood pills and go ***ing pk

Dph assasin

1-Buy Rank 8 and pray allah for gof daggers and crit/dex on gear
2-Pray Allah for zerk+ crits and use earth rift like retarded  (Pray require minium of 6 hours a day for max gof proc)
...IF none of that work delete epic>go play Hello Kitty :normal-1:

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If there was one best class, the game would be pretty boring. Most people would play the same class. e__e

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Personally I think all the classes are best in their own unique way :). Sins with their crits, bms with their stuns, Pyshics with their massive damage, clerics with their awesome healing capabilities, archer with their strong boa, veno with their amp, and barb with massive amounts of hp, seekers with their awesome debuffs, mystic with nice tanking capabilities( right mystic can be hard ass hell to kill). :D.
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