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Hello EpicPW!!!

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Hi everyone,how you guys doing?

Finally i got here,on Epic,YEY!!!

Im noob yet in here,made an sin that is at the moment lvl 122, and would like some tips on what to do with him,what to choose (Sage or Demon).Gear information and any sin combo atacks for pvp and lott of other stuff that would help me play him and learn how to play sin.

I see in forums that people attach to they comments an avatar or signature(not sure bout the corect name).How do you make it?And if there is any creative mind that could advise or even make me one with my name :)
Not sure what it should look like but im pretty sure there are ppl with an very large imagination. :P

Ok,don't wana ask to much,as you dont know me yet and that ain't nice.But hope to see you all in game and have some funn there.

Have funn In-game...

P.S:My boss is greedy,close the acces to internet,so now i can't logg to EPic from work :(
Will have to wait till tonight,when i get back home,lol...Cya

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Some basic guides here.
Also, if you surf the forums on the official PWI forums, you'll find a list of differences between sage and demon skills for sins. Or use Google, it's your friend.

Signatures can be made on photo editing programs (e.g. GIMP or Photoshop). There are also sites (which you can find by using Google, again) that are easier to learn to use to make signatures.

If your boss closed access to the Internet, how did you make that post?

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Here you can see all the guides: http://epicpw.com/index.php?board=3.0
You just need to search more in the forum.
Here for the gears: http://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=1174.0
Sage or demon depends on your playing mode, but in EPW people usually choose demon (sins).
For changing your signature you need to go: Home, search for your profile, you click it, after this you will see: Modify profile, select Forum Profile and there you will see signature where you will finally could change yours (can be a image or text). Mine is a text. Thank you for asking, I am going to change mine right now.
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I work at a TV company and they closed the torrent port that allow me to enter games or download torrents..But i can enter and navigate on internet...

And yes,i did google this ,and i so the differences.But i always like to know the opinion of ppl that play on this server.
I did google the Sin points setts and gear that i could use, on http://pwcalc.com/ , but like you know,they dont have lvl 150 gear in here.
I found some combo atack's,but who know,maby someone knows more :)

Its not that i demand that,just if anyone bored,like i am atm,wana share his expirience ,pls do so.

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Thank you Frizban!

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One question:
3rd Fairy Demon.If i buy this from Boutique,do i get the spiritual culti up without doing quests?

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Yup. Just gotta have the first fairy before.

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but read the description first...it only makes you Celestial...it does NOT make any quest related to cultivation so if later you decide to change from Demon to Sage yo uwill need to do all the quests till the end.

and for sins stats, yo can go 4dex 1str, thats pure pvp build. but remember that gears also help on damage and defense, etc...

and welcome to EpicPW  :-\

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Thank you  EvilTouch...Good to know that!