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A place that will make you to feel like being in a family.
FrozeN is looking for players of all classes. All the classes, more than 140 but sins 150. We especially want blademasters, mystics and clerics. We are pleased to give you a great welcome if you take the decision to be a part of our great family.
We would like to remember that if you wanna join us you should be an active player and someone which respects others and likes helping as same as she/he is being helped.
We reward our members at Territory Wars.
About the TW there is one more important thing to say. We would like you download RaidCall (it is for chating at TW), this will help us to have a better coordination. Thank you for your attention.
We are waiting for you,
FrozeN TEAM.
P.S. You can whisper us in-game: ArrowUP, Flavius, Inforg, Raistlin, DarkFuego, Syphon, billy_, SinZar, DarkSign, Drift, Cris, MRAC, Exitium, ENIGMA and Bez_dna.
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Fight fire with water, water with earth, earth with wood, metal with fire and wood with metal...
Better you use all against wood. Mystical Power rocks!

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Frozen isnt a family and NH only takes on pk'ers lol  real good choices there  :D :D and yes sarcasam was used  8)