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Hey everyone!

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Im a new player around here.Mostly played on PWI,Lost city but got bored of it.
Found this server very cool and people even better !!! ;D

If anyone from Lost City here or just wana chat,pm me ingame.
At the moment i play on seeker and bm: Ciuvacello and JustBM (think you figured who is seeker and who's the bm   :P )

Have funn everyone..Cya all ingame   8)

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i'm from lost city and harshlands.

had 100 barb(Dark_Tiger),100sin(Dark_Tigor) 100cleric(Jultomten) on LC idk if u have seen them.

Harshlands 100 ea(Dark_Tigor)
and 90 sin(Trx) :D

and welcome to best pw server ever =)
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Welcome to Epw!

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Welcome to EPW! We hope you enjoy it here!

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hi welcome to epic
What was ur name on LC? I used to play there but its been a long time.  :smiley:
Hope to see u ingame.  ^-^

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Welcomee !!!! <3

Offline Ciuvacello

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Ty all  :smiley:

My main on LC was Ciuvacello,101 Sin. in Honesty guild.

And yeah,server is great.Like it, plus people are more polite.Thats cool!

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Welcome to EPW, we hope you will like here :P

P.S I have played in Lost City looong looong time ago and only for few months :D
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Hiya, and welcome.
Hope you like it :3
JustBM is your seeker.. right?