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My New Highest Damage

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Hmm Adjin score is pretty much like the GMs, its not really valid...

Yet most of this scores arent really a show of skills, are more a show of a lucky zerk.

Yet congratz on it.

We been trying to solve on a way to implement a new ranking sistem, but yet we havent quite figured on how we would make this on a fair base, So the time come to all our pkers, to throw some ideas as well.
Ty to lucy that made my awsome Siggy and avvy
GM alt Krypto

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I think he as trying to quote me there Jolhans, and Pokie about 3 barbs are above you. One's name is GoodGuyBarb. I'd list the others but I'm not ingame at the moment.
Makes sence now,O.o lmao

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you cant beat ajdin score for highscore on sin. he did it with a 150 bow which is no longer available to sins and idk how else but yea its just no longeqr possible to do what he did. anyway gratz man. tops my seekers score though he droped way down since i cant be bothered repeating a combo all day hopen for a perfect zerk crit. ;p
You wrong, 1st of all there is another sin now with a higher score than Ajdin, since there was no r8/zerk by then, he could hardly get +10 attack lvl + CoTD = 45 /(w/o frenzy), My attack lvl was 104 with buffs and stuff when I hit this damage, I crit/zerk there, a pro sin with dragon gear could harly hit 600k damage. Even if you were right, this would mean he was hitting for 2m damage per hit without crit, LOL, with a bow that has no attack levels and no zerk.

So how he did this damage, I dont know, but Im pretty sure it wasnt with a bow.

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First of all, I wasnt talking about my gear, second of all, YOU say Im your bro, then why you are not happy about my new score??Instead of, you are butthurt because my score is higher then yours

Yes, You are my bro.

i quited wrong one there i ment to quote who said u arent the higher barb damage lols and i am happy but this tread was ment to make me feel lower (which i dont care bout ) so just said im highest barb damage hit up highest sin damage we talk eheheh