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Can't Loggin on Client, just on website

Offline banan

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so i got this problem.  ;)

I can only loggin on the EpicPw.com but not on the elementclient.
what it says is: Incorrect account name or password, I've tried over a 100 times, closed and re-open the window even waited a few days if that would had been the problem somehow, but it wasn't.

so i made a new account, and that one worked! Wird? Yepp!
but i still want that old account cause it was seriously made, unlike the one i did after.

any ideas why this happened?


You probably registered for a forums account instead of a game account.
Try to register the first name again at http://panel.epicpw.com/register.php .

Offline banan

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there're two different kinds of accounts?  ???

Ah now it worked! =D Thanks for the help!
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