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My name is Niklas, I'm 24 years old living in Sweden with my girlfriend and our soon to be 3 year old son. Another one on the way. Maybe I've said to much, dno how the community works around here :).
Anyway, I've played alot of MMORPG's and other games. WoW on and off since vanilla beta for example.
I've been looking for a game to keep me busy now and then.

Here's when PW come into the picture, I've never ever tried it out. Wich makes it even more interesting.

So, what should I expect? Pros/cons

I'm a huge fan of PvP btw.

Take care :)

EDIT: Btw, what's up with the download? It goes up and down all the time. As soon as it hits 10mb/s it goes down to 10kb/s then back up.
And any suggestions on good classes to start out with etc. would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to EPW!You will have a lot of fun here!Our GMs are great!And about classes.Depends of what u like magic/meele and things like.U will know when u will enter the game.

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Thanks alot!

Well, I've never liked anything more than the other. (about melee/caster) :)
I guess I'll just try them out a little and feel for myself.

I really do hope my current computer can handle this game. My main computer is in for service. WoW, SC2 works so I hope there shouldn't be a problem... However I can't play D3 on this computer for an example

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Perfect world should run on your computer without any problems.

About classes, I guess you already know that there is 10 classes, so it`s a very big choise ;)

Guess I wouldn`t explain any of them better, than it was done on pw wiki: http://pwi-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/Classes

Here you can shortly read about each class, their skills, pros and cons ;)
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Goder Afton mr svensk och njut av denna server.

(just a swedish welcome)  :-\

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Welcome in EPW, how u will stay long!


WELCOME TO EPW!!!!!!!We're glad your here <3♥

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Appreciate it! :)

Och se på fan, en svenne :)

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  • is adorable. ❤
Welcome to the server! :3

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