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Hey all!

i wonder if we maybe can fix the servers biggest pk war like next saturday at 22.00 server time.

somewhere on map, some new place, not missfortune,west or those maybe in morai, just wanna see how many that will come and show the world how great pk EPW have :D

pls write what u think about it, its just a suggestion but can be kinda fun =)
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interesting idea. we already have TW at west more or less everyday but yea sounds like fun :p

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Hey everyone i just wanted to let you know i love you all.

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Sounds nice to me, maybe some gd rewards for like 1st, 2nd and 3rd and maybe some other events like last man standing etc. and have some kinda system the only counts in places in west arch/where ever the destination isand  maybe even change it every week but idk how much work it would take thou. at least even if some noobs bring alts, i bet the other pkers would kill em anyway lol.

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not a bad idea but we do have mass pk once in awhile

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